In case you didn’t know, there’s not a whole hell of a lot of stuff on the site right now. Like firing a head coach under the cover of darkness and thunderstorms, the management has decided to just switch right over to version 28 of Red Tide News. Thank you for your complete and total devotion.

Since 1999, Red Tide News has been one of many, many destinations on the Internets. Once a powerful beacon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer hooligan scene, RTN has over the years transformed into a somewhat less-powerful beacon for sports fans in Tampa Bay, bored cubicle-workers in Tampa Bay, and confused marine biologists looking for information about the algal bloom commonly referred to as red tide.

We’ve been profiled (or at the very least, mentioned) by the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune, and ESPN: The Magazine. I also was interviewed by Al Keck during a pre-game radio show about a cartoon I made for the site.

Today, we strive for nothing less than truth, justice, and the American way. We are more than aspiring journalists, we are citizens of the greater Tampa Bay area. If we can inform you, teach you, and point out that piece of zucchini stuck in your teeth — then we’ve done our jobs.

Contact me at toe@redtidenews.com

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