Ex-con charged with raping female jogger in Central Park


A 38-year-old ex-con was charged with raping a female jogger in Central Park  and assaulting another woman less than 30 minutes later, sources said.

Howard Shaw, who was recently released from state prison after serving time for sexual assault, is now charged with raping a 27-year-old woman in Central Park around 7:20 a.m., and a 54-year-old jogger on Randall’s Island around 7:45 a.m., police said. 

The first victim was jogging on Center Drive, near Swan Lake when a man came up behind her, put her in a chokehold, causing her to lose consciousness, police said. 

About 25 minutes later, the second victim was jogging near the 103rd Street Footbridge on East River Lane when she was tackled by a man who tried to pull her pants down but was thwarted when a bystander called the police.

Shaw was arrested at the scene, police said.

Caution tape in Central Park.
Investigators are still questioning whether the incident was related to a similar case that took place near the FDR Drive.
Officials gather near the scene of the alleged assault.
Officials gather near the scene of the alleged assault.

The ex-con, a registered sex offender, has two prior arrests, a 2005 robbery bust and a rape the same year that sent hm to the Green Haven Correction Facility until his release last month. 

In the earlier rape case, Shaw was convicted of attacking and raping a 25-year-old woman in Queens while she was taking out the trash.

The assault occurred on Center Drive, near Swan Lake, before 8 this morning.

“She was throwing out the garbage and he asked if she had time,” a police source told The Post. “He put one hand around her waist and the other over her mouth.”

Shaw then dragged the victim toward a stairwell, where he choked, punched and raped her, the source said. 

Meanwhile, police received a report of yet another attempted sexual assault Thursday around 8 a.m. at 103rd Street and FDR Drive. 

Investigators are still probing that incident.

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