MoMA stabbing suspect charged with arson in Philly hotel


The homeless maniac accused of stabbing two workers at the Museum of Modern Art has been charged with arson in Philadelphia — as the NYPD works to haul him back to the Big Apple.

Gary Cabana, 60, who was nabbed in the City of Brotherly Love for the caught-on-video museum attack, was arraigned Wednesday on charges he set a blaze in the room of a Best Western in Philly while on the run from New York cops, police said.

“According to Fire Marshall 21, the fire started in two trash cans inside room (number redacted),” Philadelphia Police Department spokeswoman Tanya Little said in an email.

She said he fed the flames with toilet paper and “other paper products” in the hotel room, and said, “There was substantial smoke damage throughout the room due to the fire.”

The fire was reported Monday just hours before Philadelphia cops caught up with Cabana around 1 a.m. while he slept on a bench at a local Greyhound bus station “as he was on his way to see a relative in Florida,” Little said in the email.

Cabana was already the subject of a police manhunt over the alleged MoMA attack.

Gary Cabana mughsot
Gary Cabana allegedly set a fire in a Philly Best Western hotel room while on the lam from the NYPD.
Philly PD;G.N.Miller/NYPost

In the Philly case, he was arraigned on charges of arson, criminal mischief, causing catastrophe, possession of an instrument of crime with intent and recklessly endangering another person, court records show.

He was ordered held without bail.

Meanwhile, NYPD officials said this week that they plan to extradite Cabana to New York to face possible attempted murder charges in the Saturday afternoon museum attack.

Perp walk of Gary Cabana.
Cabana started the fire started in two trash cans inside the room, police said.
Courtesy Fox29

Police said Cabana flipped out when he was told his MoMA membership had been revoked because of two recent unruly incidents.

Disturbing video shows a man — identified by police as Cabana — leaping over the counter and repeatedly stabbing the two employees before fleeing.

He posted bizarre rants on social media — and even texted with The Post — before he was arrested in Philadelphia.

Cabana's victim is wheeled out by EMS.
Cabana is accused of stabbing two workers at the Museum of Modern Art.
William Miller

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