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From the right: Truth-Challenged Joe

“I’ll always tell you the truth,” President Biden vowed a year ago — yet, the Issues & Insights editors note, he is lying “about the COVID-19 vaccine, the economic rebound already underway” and “the border crisis. Biden won’t tell the truth about the first two because he’d have to credit President Donald Trump.” He has “repeatedly claimed” he is responsible for “the widespread distribution” of vaccines, but when he took office, “daily doses were well above 1 million — for a vaccine that nobody, including Biden, thought would be approved by then.” The day Biden said “his $1.9 trillion spend-a-thon” was “urgently needed,” the “national unemployment rate dropped to 6.2 percent,” and “growth has been booming.” And he lies about the border crisis because he is “entirely to blame for it.”

Veteran: Sliming Our Troops

We have returned to “the bad old days of slandering the military” with claims that it “has become a friend to racism and extremism,” laments Mackubin Thomas Owens at National Review. As one of our few truly meritocratic institutions, the military teaches its members to “work toward a common goal with others from different backgrounds” and to “rise above their preexisting prejudices,” so “the idea that racism is somehow pervasive in the military is nonsense.” Claims to the contrary undermine trust “between the American people and the military as an institution” and between service members and the leaders who fail to defend their honor. Bottom line: Baseless claims “suggesting that white supremacy and extremism are rampant in the military is a disservice to the force.”

Culture critic: Neo-Segregation at Columbia

The optional “multicultural graduation ceremonies” Columbia University is planning this year include separate ceremonies for “Native, lavender (LGBTQ+), Asian, first graduate from a family/low-income household, Latinx and black,” reports Carl Trueman at First Things. Yet the point of graduations is “to emphasize unity”: “Just as serial monogamy is another term for promiscuity, so this serial multiculturalism is a euphemism for what is, in effect, a new form of segregation.” Worse, elitist, “out-of-touch” Columbia “reflects the ambitions” of those who decide “which identities are to be privileged and which demonized.” It’s a “microcosm” for what’s happening nationwide. “America’s motto E pluribus unum speaks of unity arising out of diversity”; Columbia’s vision “might be better characterized” by “Ex uno plures, where shared institutions function as little more than battlegrounds” for competing visions of identity.

Conservative: Some ‘Party of Science’

At American Greatness, Victor Davis Hanson assails the supposed “party of science,” since “leftists and Democrats have become the purveyors of superstition.” It isn’t just AOC’s and others’ false claims of “climatological catastrophe in just a few years.” There was the about-face on the dangers of crowds when Black Lives Matter started marching mid-quarantine. And the left brought in Yale shrink Dr. Bandy Lee to testify to Congress about President Donald Trump’s supposed mental illness — “but where is Lee now in the era of a 78-year-old Joe Biden in the White House” to ask if his mental faculties work? Then there is virus guru Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has “been flat-out wrong on the science of COVID — in his assessments of the origins and possible dangers of COVID-19, of when we can get back to normal.” Plus, he “rejected science, as he knew it, to mislead the public” about both the value of masks and what would constitute “herd immunity” for fear “the childish public would become too lax.”

Political scientist: America’s Race Triumph

Racial prejudice will never be completely eliminated — but, cheers Wilfred C. Reilly in the April issue of Commentary, “efforts to address the results of racial animus have worked,” and today, “it is not, objectively speaking, extraordinarily hard for a person of any skin tone to ‘make it.’ ” On every indicator, from wealth to education, the doors of opportunity are open to blacks, thanks to the “incredible amount of blood and treasure to counteract” the injustices of slavery and apartheid. “The real picture . . . is quite favorable.”

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